Icing sugar mill is made up of three parts: main machine, auxiliary machine and electric control box.
Icing sugar mill has the properties of wind selection, having no sieve or net, and an even granularity of the processed material.
The production process going on continuously, the machine can undertake the grinding of chemical products, food medcine, medicament, cosmetics, plastic, dyestuff, resin, cotourant, grain, etc.
The powder miller is suitable for milling herb powder.
1. The design is compact and structure is reasonable. The machine is equipped with an internal classification mechanism so that grinding and classification are carried out simultaneously, thus reducing energy consumption.
2. Equipped with a blower, which dissipates the heat in the machine continuously, the machine is fit for the grinding of thermal sensitive materials.
3. Having a great adaptability and narrow granularity distribution. The granularity of the product is even and fineness may reach 80-320 mesh.
4. Regulate the speed of the classifier or amount of the air without stopping the machine and evenly distributed products of the required granularity will be obtained.
Technical Data
Capacity (kg/h)20-20040-50060-800120-1800
Input size (mm)< 15< 15< 15< 15
Powder fineness (mesh)60-250060-250060-250060-2500
Crush motor (kw)7.5/1115/18.522/30/3745/75
Grade motor (kw)
Blower (kw)5.57.518.537
Feed motor (kw)0.370.750.751.1
Discharge motor (kw)0.750.750.751.1
Speed of principle axis (rpm)-6500-5600-4400-3100
Grading impeller speed (rpm)4000400035003000
Overall size (L*W*H) (mm)5000×1400×28005400×1500×29006600×2000×36009800 ×2700×4900
Weight (kg)1600180023003100
Packing And Shipping
1) We could do wooden package or container.
2) 15-35 days after receive your advanced payment.Sugar Mill factory
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